Downloadable Educational Materials

from the

Pittsburgh Partnership

Pittsburgh Partnership Psychiatrists' Primer for PWS  This monograph summarizes the most essential information for psychiatrists or psychologists who are new to Prader-Willi syndrome
Psychiatric Alert  Concise summary of things your psychiatrist needs to know before prescribing medications.
The Behavioral Challenge:
A Summary for Professionals

Seguridad de la Comida (Spanish)
 A good introduction to some basic issues in the behavioral management of PWS
Food Security: Basic Concepts Good visuals to introduce the concepts of No Doubt, No Hope and No Disappointment.
Food Security Checklist A simple tool for helping you to assess your child's Food Security
Leg Edema in PWS

ØDEM (væskeophobning) ved PWS (Finnish)

Edema SPW (Spanish)

 If your child is severely overweight, you will want to read this.
Weight Regulation in PWS: Theoretical and Practical Considerations  A different way to look at the syndrome. A much requested essay
The HyperREactive Child Using low expressed emotion
Sleep and Narcolepsy  A summary of sleep issues in PWS
(published in the Gathered View)
Skin Picking  (published in the Gathered View)
Omega-3 Supplementation (Essential Fatty Acids)  Some help in choosing Omega 3 supplementation for persons with PWS
The PWS Behavioral Phenotype  "The PWS Personality" What is “normal” for PWS.